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  1. Accountability


    Norpac is Accountable for their fishery practices through their commitment to fish only within Territorial Water that are governed by Fishery Management Plans. Our position is that only Territorial Water Fisheries can be adequately managed, given the current political environment in which fisheries operate. International cooperation is not sufficient for adequate policing of international waters.Read more...

  2. Responsibility


    Norpac also understands the need for food security and sanitation, and has implemented Standard Sanitary Operating Procedures (SSOP's), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) as fundamental components of our food security program.

  3. Traceability


    Norpac is an early adopter of complete traceability, and put in place the industry's first Bar Code tagging system for individual fish. Each fish and its finished products have a bar code attached which allow Fishery Managers, and our customers, to trace exactly where the fish comes from, when it was unloaded, species, and weight.Read more...

  4. Sustainability


    Sustainable seafood is that which can maintain or increase production in the future without jeopardizing the ecosystem which it was harvested or grown. This has different implications if the seafood is wild or farmed. There are many competing theories and positions on sustainability, and how it is measured and assessed. Read more...

Passionate about seafood, committed to excellence.

Norpac is passionate about quality assurance. We are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable products that have undergone rigorous quality control within the industry's strictest sanitation regime. We provide an end to end logistics chain, which in combination with our traceability platform, provides high value and quality seafood products to the industry. Our approach to quality assurance and environmental responsibility ensures our clients receive safe, consistent, environmentally responsible seafood products.

Latest News

Norpac Traceability

Norpac Fisheries Export is an industry leader in "Best Practices" for wild fish capture. The Norpac Traceability System was internally developed in response to the industry's need to prevent IUU Fishing. Our system allows end to end logistics tracking as a groundbreaking technology aiding in the elimination of IUU Fishing Practices.

Our proprietary Bar Code System works in conjunction with our Satellite VMS tracking of each fishing boat. This allows fishery scientists to know where each vessel fished, for the entire fishing trip, for every fishing trip.

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Work at Norpac

Norpac Fisheries Export has job opportunities from time to time. To see available positions follow the link below.

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