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Supporting the Community

Our company philosophy is that supporting our community is essential to our purpose and goals. Norpac supplies employment in remote and chronically high unemployment communities. We fund educational scholarships in these same communities, and invest in the infrastructure to grow additional jobs. This helps maintain the social structure of our communities, which is essential to their survival.


Our involvement with our employees and our community causes us to reach out to those wishing to work, but facing unique physical and mental challenges. Our work in this area garnered an award form the Hawaii State Senate as "Employer of the Year" among all companies operating in the Hawaiian Islands.


Employees are seen as important partners for their continual input as to how we operate, where we stand within our community, and what concerns we need to address. Our commitment as an employer is to support local families with jobs that pay competitive wages. We offer advancement, a safe and sanitary work environment, and promote community values.


Norpac is all-inclusive of individuals across many cultures and beliefs. We reach out to inform and educate our community, and to help them understand the importance of a sustainable resource. Fish is not only a food, but a way of life for many communities that stretches back thousands of years in time. Maintaining these cultures and ways is critically important to these communities, and must be nurtured and protected.

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