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Industry Partner Relations

Norpac recognizes the importance of relationships inside and outside the seafood industry. Our Partners support, and help us form, our objectives as we work to provide quality products at the most cost effective prices. However, we retain our focus upon our commitment to the marine environment and the communities that rely upon them.

Our Partners are essential in adding value to our products, direction for our mission, and satisfaction with the experience our seafood delivers.

Suppliers and Service Providers

Suppliers are the key to our daily operations. Their recognition and acceptance of our business philosophy and model allows us to directly link our products to consumers. Our highly evolved logistics chain is essential to maintaining our quality specifications, sanitation, cold chain integrity and product safety. With our suppliers' commitment, Norpac is able to maintain this highly evolved business model.

We challenge our suppliers and service providers to develop new ideas and improved practices. In doing so, we all help reduce our carbon footprint and waste stream, improve our energy efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality. Norpac is proud to be supported by our suppliers and service providers who share our commitment to the "ARTS". They are leaders in developing ideas and strategies that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) provide important feedback and direction for Norpac and the seafood industry. Their research, environmental knowledge, resources and dedication to helping the industry develop better practices are essential in furthering policies that aid in our efforts to be ever more environmentally responsible, as a company and as an industry.


At the heart of our efforts is our intense desire to provide truly exceptional products which support our customers needs. We listen closely to them, as they are the ultimate Partner in the process, and their input is essential in setting our direction and focus. We look for ways to not only meet, but also anticipate their needs, well in advance. From product offerings to environmental issues, and from product specifications to quality assurance, we spare no effort or expense to maintain a competitive edge for us and our customers, so that they can deliver the highest value seafood products their customers have ever experienced.

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