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Norpac Fisheries and the Environment

Norpac strives to continually develop steps to responsible environmental practices. Reductions in our waste and carbon foot print have been of considerable focus. We have implemented industry leading technologies to reduce packaging, improve vessel efficiency, reduce carbon in the logistic chain, and reduce impact and interaction with non targeted species.

Understanding Our Involvement

We understand we must lead by example, and continually seek to understand better our impact upon the environment, and how we can improve our operations to be an example for other fishing enterprises encouraging them to move toward "Best Practices".

Our innovative practices are the driving force behind our business model. We continually work toward practices that add value to our products and minimize our impact upon the environment.


Our primary capture species are Highly Migratory Species (HMS) which travel great distances. Therefore, we are dependent upon other regions of the world, and other fishing practices, as much or more than upon our own.

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