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Managing Fisheries with Sustainable Practices

Norpac's position on Environmental Stewardship is most visible in our investment in "Best Practices" which includes gear modification. Science and industry are working together to develop better fishing techniques and gear. Norpac has a record as an early adopter of "Best Practices" and has committed substantial resources retrofitting our gear and practices. Our commitment takes form in our actions.


Our fishing practices support this definition of Sustainability. We fish exclusively within managed Territorial Waters. All our catch is retained, recorded and reported to the jurisdictional authorities for monitoring, scientific analysis and compliance within the management plan. We were the first adopters of bar code technology to trace each and every fish from the vessel to the end consumer. This enhances fishery management's ability to recover vital data used to ensure sustainable practices.

Solutions with Handling

Norpac supports the efforts of the WCPFMC and WESTPAC to manage the fishery, and gather scientific data on the species we fish, for the better modeling of MSY and MEY. Our efforts lead the industry as we have 100% traceability on all our fish to ensure fishery managers and scientists can account for all fish captured. This helps ensure better science, along with complete and accurate records. We fish only in Territorial water which are managed by competent authority with existing management plans.

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