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Absolute Control of Product Quality

Our approach is to engineer redundancy into our quality control to ensure multiple opportunities for different inspectors to view and evaluate product at the point of receiving, in processing, prior to packaging and during packaging. We inspect the freshness, quality of handling and of the specific fish, temperature, sanitation and then grade each fish.

Correction is Key

Integral to the quality control are the Corrective Actions, which defines the response to deviation from specifications. Our Corrective Actions are designed to ensure our responses not only identify and remove that which does not meet specification, but also identifies and corrects, where possible, the underlying cause for the failure to meet specifications.

Self correction, as an ongoing process, defines our philosophy of constant improvement and refinement of our company and the products and services we supply.

Handling Post Harvest Materials

Our system of Quality Assurance and Quality Control begins at the point of capture, and involves training and commitment by our fishing captains and their crews. Post Harvest Handling is the greatest single opportunity for improving quality and shelf life.

This begins with training on "best practices" for handling the fish upon capture. Our Vessel Management System technology allows us to know exactly where each boat is fishing, what they are catching, and how long they have been at sea.

Our superior Post Harvest Handling is supported by our bar coding technology. Each fish is individually tagged, so we can trace the individual pieces cut from each fish to its origin to the final consumer.

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